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This playlist contains music where Staffan Öfwerman appear as a musician, singer or producer.
Below you will find a list of the songs. Hopefully it's all correct, but sometimes things are forgotten. 
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Fading like a flower (Every time you leave) – Roxette
Staffan made many overdubs with vocals on this track and you can hear Staffans characteristic high pitch voice in the part where the lyrics go "Can't let go" (first time around 01:40). Staffan recorded his voice several times for this song. But he is also backing up the chorus together with Per and Marie on the "Everytime you leave the room" parts.

Rise 'n' Shine – Staffan Öfwerman
This is a track released by Staffan, August 2020. Words and music by Staffan. All the sounds you can hear on this recording is by Staffan. The recording, mixing and production is also done by Staffan. There is also a video for this track on YouTube.

How do you do? – Roxette
In this track Staffan is overdubbed together with Per, Marie and Vicki Benckert for the backing vocals and this time Staffan is shouting out a lot more especially towards the end of the song.

What becomes of the broken hearted – Staffan Öfwerman
This is a track released by Staffan, February 2020. It's a cover of the old Motown classic. All the sounds you can hear on this recording is by Staffan. The recording, mixing and even the photo for the cover also by Staffan. The arrangement is inspired a lot from an old version by keyboardist Dave Stewart.

The Look – Live in Sydney – Roxette
This is a live version of The Look. It was recorded during the Joyride World tour in Sydney, Australia 1991. On this song Staffan played electronic percussion and a lot of backing vocals together with Vicki Benckert. Staffan joined the Roxette band when the album Look Sharp! was released for the Look Sharp tour and then continued for a couple of years.

Daddys little boy – Grand Pop Station
This song was written by Staffan in the 90's and later with some help from his bandmate back then, Gunnar By-Skoglund. They recorded a demo which was never released. Years later Staffan started his own band, Grand Pop Station, with some friends. This single was their first release and here Staffan is on lead vocals and also all of the keyboards (except the Hammond organ). It was also recorded and arranged and mixed by Staffan in his newly built home studio (Red Room Studio) around 2009. Features a great guitar solo by Per Hesselrud.

Tänker på dig – ZZAJ
During a rehearsal for a couple of gigs in the U.K. with a band called 1, 2, 3, guitarist Billy Bolero asked Staffan if he could stay a while after the rehearsal to try out som stuff for a new singer (Anna Nederdal). So Billy and Staffan and Anna played this song in that room and Billy wanted Staffan to play it with a feeling of singer Sade. Then they recorded the track in a studio and it became a success in Sweden with a lot of airplay back then. So on this track you hear Staffan on Electric piano, Clavinet and synth flute. Some of Staffans own Yamaha DX7 sounds where used in a sequenced loop in the background.

Almost unreal – Roxette
Another Roxette track, which was named Hocus Pocus on the first cassette Staffan got before coming to the studio. The song was part of the soundtrack for the Mario Bros movie. Here you can find Staffan doing backing vocals.

Fireworks – Roxette
This track is from the Crash, Boom, Bang album. On Fireworks Staffan is on backing vocals.

Sleeping in my car – Roxette
Why not another Roxette track. Here you hear Staffan Öfwerman on backing vocals with Per and Marie.

Mellan sommar och höst – Marie Fredriksson
This is from Maries solo album. On this track she brought in Staffan, Mia Lindgren and her personal assistant, Ulf Andreasson/Barthel, on backing vocals. The friends choir.

Genom natten – Irma
This is from an album with Swedish singer Irma Schultz. Billy Bolero (from the ZZAJ project) called Staffan to play keyboards on this track. It was recorded in Polar Studio A (known as the The ABBA studio).

What's she like – Roxette
Another track from the Crash, Boom, Bang album. Staffan on backing vocals.

Small talk – Roxette
This one is from the Joyride album. Here you can hear Staffan with his high pitched voice in the chorus singing "Small, small talk" behind Marie. Then with a more rockier voice singing "Come on now" together with Marie.

Harleys & Indians – Roxette
Backing vocals by Staffan on this one.

Walking on sunshine – Chris Jobe
This was a project produced by Staffan Öfwerman and Gunnar By-Skoglund (aka Woodgrove-Ofwerman). Staffan programmed and sampled a lot of sounds (including farts and burps) and recorded it with his own voice, but they wanted a girl to sing this one, so Gunnar found Chris Jobe (Kicki Jobe) in his neighborhood. It was recorded in the home studio at Gunnars place. Sadly Chris passed away a couple of years ago. Not sure what happened, but it's always sad when someone leave us too soon in life. Staffan and Gunnar is also shouting behind Chris shouting Hey!

Lies – Roxette
Just singing backing vocals on this album track.

Två – ZZAJ
This one was a b-side on a single and maybe also included on one of the albums. Staffan showed up at Soundtrade Studio in Solna (outside of Stockholm) to record this one. The band had already played their part and Billy Bolero wanted Staffan to play some jazzy piano on this track. Well, since Staffan is self taught and not a proper piano player it was pretty weird to sit down in front of a grand piano all alone in a big studio room all on his own and hearing the track in the headphones just playing around on the piano. It is probably the first or maybe the second take that was used on the record. All in one take. All improvised while hearing the track in the headphones. No chords, no score, no nothing.

We take care – The Breeze
The Breeze was a duo with Staffan Öfwerman and Gunnar By-Skoglund. They played all the instruments themselves and had a lot of fun recording the music. The lyrics to this song was written on pieces of paper. They wrote one liners each and then they threw all the pieces up in the air and tried to make lyrics out of the pieces they landed next to. Staffan on lead vocals and a lot of instruments. Staffan also wrote most of the music and the lyrics for the chorus and they both put it together to a complete song. There is also a real bagpipe on this recording played by Ulf Schönberg. When Staffan wrote the music it was in the sam key as a bagpipe plays (without knowing this). So it was just pure luck. But a lot of work to tune the tape machine and the bagpipe after the song changes key at the end.

Love is all (Shine your light on me) – Roxette
Roxette again (a lot on this playlist). Staffan on backing vocals. Recorded in the EMI studio outside Stockholm, Sweden (like many of the Roxette tracks were). Here you can hear Staffan in the outro of the song with Per & Marie and maybe Vicki Benckert (not sure if she was on this track).

Joyride – Roxette
This is a live recording from Sydney, Australia. Staffan playing keyboards and percussion and backing vocals. The keyboard parts Staffan plays are the high notes and the brass part in the middle 8. The rest is played by his brother Clarence who is the main keyboard player.
Back home Staffans daughter, Jackie, used to sing to the album when Staffan was rehearsing at home. She especially loved the part where Marie sings "Rocks you like a baby". Staffan told Marie during the rehearsals that Jackie (around 4 or 5 years old at the time) really loved that part and shouted it out in front of the mirror. Marie really liked Jackie and when Staffan told her about this and said that it might be a great thing to try to make the audience sing. Marie said she would definitely try that out. And it really worked. The audience really shouted that part out loud. 

Staffan was supposed to do the backing vocals on this song on the Joyride studio album as well, but he was rehearsing with a band called The Creeps at the time. So he was busy this day and couldn't make it to the studio. But this is the live version from the world tour.

När du ändå tänker gå – Irma
Back in the Polar studio with Irma. Here you can hear Staffan playing the Hammond Organ.

(Do you get) Excited? – Roxette
Staffan on backing vocals on the album (with Mia Lindgren). On the Joyride tour Staffan used to start this song playing the intro on the keyboard when it was the first encore on the Joyride tour.

Tänker på dig – ZZAJ
Staffan playing keyboards and a lot of synth programming. Staffan used to create a lot of sounds for the Yamaha DX7 these years. He had a really large sound bank full of new sounds.

Shine your love – Grand Pop Station
This is a song that was written for The Breeze and also released by The Breeze. A couple of years later Staffan re-used the song with his band project Grand Pop Station. This one is recorded in Staffans old home studio and here you find Staffan on lead and backing vocals (together with the band members as well). Staffan playing all the keyboard parts and producing the recording. There is also a funny low budget video on YouTube for the song which Staffan edited and directed. The video was shot in Stockholm, just around the corner from where Staffan lives nowadays.

Joyride (live MTV Unplugged) – Roxette
This is the last live performance Staffan did with Roxette. Then they wanted to change the line-up with two drummers and two guitars (or whatever the idea was). Here you can hear Staffan on backing vocals and percussion (mostly tambourine) and of course whistle. There are some great versions on the MTV Unplugged recording, recorded at Circus in Stockholm.

Stars – Roxette
This song was recorded a couple of years after Staffan wasn't in Roxette anymore. They wanted a childrens choir and since Staffan was the one with the oldest kids, Clarence, who was the producer, called Staffan and asked if he could arrange a group of kids singing the chorus. Staffan rehearsed with some of the frineds of his daughter, Jackie, and recorded them one by one to find if they all could sing the part. And they all did a great job. So they went to the studio one night after school and met Per and Marie. They did their vocal parts with Staffan as a director and it ws perfect in the first tak, but the engineer wasn't ready and the levels weren't set, so they had to do another take. And the second take is the one you hear on the recording. The girsl stayed in the studio to see Marie sing her part and they were happy to see that they did their part in the second take while Marie had to do her part in a couple of takes.

Church of your heart – Roxette
Another track from the Joyride album where you can hear Staffan on backing vocals. The video for this song was recorded during the Joyride tour and some shots were filmed on stage in Sydney, Australia.

Fading like a flower – Dancing DJs
This is a remix of the Roxette song. So there are a lot of Staffan in the backing vocals and Staffan in the "Can't let go" part again and again.

I love the sound of crashin guitar – Roxette
Another track from Roxette with Staffan on backing vocals

Shine your love – The Breeze
This is the same song as the one Grand Pop Station recorded. But this is the original version written by Staffan Öfwerman and Gunnar By-Skoglund. When the record company heard the first mix, Dag Häggqvist (the owner) said it might be great having some type of Gospel girls backing up. So Gladys del Pilar and Annika Johansson was brought in to do backing vocals in the chorus and the outro of the song.
Here you can hear Staffan on lead vocals and also on flute. Staffan is also playing live drums on this track (together with a drum machine). The rest of the instruments are played by Staffan Öfwerman and Gunnar By-Skoglund.

I'm into you – Lavin
This is Lavin. A duo with Martin Nordström on lead vocals and Staffans son, Hampus Öfwerman on various instruments. On this song, mixed by Staffan, you can hear Staffan playing the toms (large drums) throughout the song.

Fingertips – Roxette
This song is from the Tourism album, which was recorded on different locations during the Joyride tour around the world. Staffan on tambourine.

Sleep in my bed – Grand Pop Station
One of Staffans old songs that was recorded by his band Grand Pop Station. Music and lyrics by Staffan and Staffan is on lead vocals and most of the keyboards. The whole band on backing vocals. During the end Staffan is playing a trumpet part on keyboard, but the idea was to have the drummer (who played the trumpet years ago in school), but that didn't work out that well, so the keyboard trumpet was used instead.

The Look (Live on MTV Unplugged) – Roxette
Another track from the MTV Unplugged concert with Roxette. Staffan on tambourine and backing vocals.

Shine your love (dance mix) – The Breeze
This is just a version of the song released as a cd with The Breeze. On this version there is only Staffan and Gunnar. No backing vocals by the girls. The backing vocals is only Staffan and Gunnar. And the computerized voice in the beginning is made by Staffan with an old speech program on his old Atari 1040ST computer. In the middle part of the song Staffan found a sythesizer in the studio with some nice string sounds, so Staffan arranged some string parts played by him on this version.

Here comes the weekend – Roxette
This song, from the Tourism album, was recorded in a hotel room in Buenos Aires. Pelle Alsing playing the drums using a suitcase as a bass drum. Staffan is playing eggs (rhythm shakers).

Heaven is (a Paradise)
A song basically written by Staffan, but put together to a complete song by Staffan and Gunnar By-Skoglund. Most of the instruments are programmed by Staffan. The guitars and bass played by Gunnar. Staffan is also playing live drums on top of programmed drums. Lead vocals by Staffan. Backing vocals by Gunnar and Staffan.

Semester – Lovisa
A funny summer song recorded by a young Lovisa (daughter of the guitarist, Per Hesselrud, from Grand Pop Station). The song was written by Staffan Öfwerman and his daughter Jackie Öfwerman many years earlier. All the instruments played/programmed by Staffan.

Shadows in the dark – Grand Pop Station
One of the tracks recorded by the band Grand Pop Station. Words and music by Staffan. Lead vocals (with some auto-tune fx) and all keyboards played by Staffan. Staffan is also playing some mandolin on this recording. Recorded in Staffans home studio.

Sunshine afterglow – Chris Jobe
The b-side of the Walking on sunshine single with Chris Jobe. Staffan Öfwerman and Gunnar By-Skoglund programmed all the sounds and unsed a lot of the Chris' voices from the first track making a new song to complete the cd with 2 songs. Music by Staffan and Gunnar. Not much you can call lyrics on this one. The wild man shouting "A-ri-tiii" was sampled from a voice sample cd. It added a little humour to the song.

Cinnamon Street – Roxette
Recorded in Copenhagen, with Staffan and Vicki Benckert on backing vocals (most in the end of the song).

This is for real – Grand Pop Station
Another song written by Staffan Öfwerman. The lyrics were hard to write and Staffan tried to get some help from Eric Bazilian (The Hooters) and also Jon Foreman (Switchfoot), but with no luck. So finally Staffan wrote the lyrics to this song about the planet and how we all destroy our world. Staffan on lead vocals and most of the keyboards. Staffan also wrote the guitar melody, but it really came alive when Per Hesselrud put his fingers on the strings. Recorded in Staffans' home studio. The bass was recorded by Sonny Forsberg at his home and then sent to Staffan. The drums were recorded by Jan 'Isak' Isaksson in the studio on a crap drum set, but then triggered to digitally recorded drums in the computer fresher sound.

The Rain – Roxette
Staffan on backing vocals (with Mia Lindgren).

Two Pieces – Staffan Öfwerman
This is a track released by Staffan, March 2020. Words and music by Staffan. All the sounds you can hear on this recording is by Staffan. The recording, mixing and production is also done by Staffan.

The Big L – Roxette
Staffan doing backing vocals. On the Joyride tour Staffan played the harmonica on this song (but on the studio album this is played by guitarist Jonas Isacsson). There is a video on YouTube on this song recorded in Sydney (like many other songs the american video team recorded there).

I remember you – Roxette
This song was only released on the Swedish version of the Joyride album. During the time of the release, a lot of vinyl albums were imported from outside of Sweden to make them cheaper. So one thing to get around this problem for the record company, was to record a unique version for those buying the local version. So this song was at the time only released on the Swedish version of the album. Staffan on backing vocals. A lot of "Na-na-na-na".

Cross the border to love – Staffan Öfwerman
This song was released by Staffan, April 2020. Words and Music by Staffan and all the sounds and recording of the track is made by Staffan again. The song was written years ago and it's been stored on a cassette tape. It was the first song Staffan wrote on his Korg M1 synthesizer, which was the keyboard he used on the Joyride tour. Now the song song was recorded all over again, trying to keep the type of sounds and arrangement that was popular back when the song was first written. Just to get a retro early 90's feel.

Dangerous MTV Unplugged Version – Roxette
MTV Unplugged wan the last time Staffan played live with Roxette. This is one of the songs from that concert where Staffan plays percussion and is backing up the vocals. 

You Can Do What You Do – Staffan Öfwerman
This song was released by Staffan, July 2020. Another one of his old demos recorded all over again and all the sounds played by Staffan. The lyrics were only written as guides but finalized for this new recording.

Time Bomb – Staffan Öfwerman
When the first solo single by Staffan was released it was a song called Young, written by Per Gessle. It was the forst single ever released on his brand new label, Jimmy Fun Records. As a B-side Staffan wrote Time Bomb and on that recording Pelle Andersson programmed the drums, Anders Herrling played bass guitar on top of the synth bass and Staffan Astner played the guitars. Staffan played keyboards and did the vocals and keyboard programming as well. But on this new recorded version, released August 2020, Staffan is playing all the instruments and recorded the track on his own. So this is the same song, but a new recording and using some of the retro sounds to take you back to the good old days.

There are a lot of other songs with Staffan, but a lot of them are not available on Spotify. But maybe this list will be updated one day. New songs added and maybe some songs might be added to the playlist. So don't forget to follow the playlist on Spotify to make sure you can see when new songs are added.